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Misc OUAT thoughts…

In Skin Deep, when Gold beats Mr. French, amongst all the projection and self-loathing flying around, he puts special emphasis on telling French, “You’re her father.” It occurs to me, and perhaps I’m just behind everyone else, that it wasn’t /just/ the fact that he had imprisoned and driven Belle to suicide. There was also the idea lurking in there that this was a father who had betrayed and hurt his child.

It also makes me wonder about his apparent fixation on taking children as payment… It’d be interesting if there was some kind of misguided nobility at work there. I’m reminded of a line…. I think it’s from Hijo de la Luna, “Anyone who would sell their child couldn’t love them very much anyway.”

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    This same concept has been on my mind for a while now. We saw in Desperate Souls how far he was willing to go to keep...
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    I like it too. Also, it makes me think about his losing Baelfire, and if he’s also projecting THAT loss on to Mr.French...
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    this just puts a whole new spin on things……. i like it.
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